Lonny Magazine and Ikea present: What's Your Spring Style?

Spring is in the air (at least here in L.A.) and we are all counting down the days until bathing suit season officially begins. With the arrival of spring, many of us like to lighten things up in our homes a bit, whether it’s simply removing the covers from our outdoor furniture, bringing in fresh flours or changing out the throw pillows on our sofas. The good people over at Lonny Magazine have an awesome new quiz presented by Ikea that asks, “What’s your spring style?” Curious, some of us in the Marcali offices took a break from fabric swatches and finish samples to take the quiz. Here were our results:

David is “The Professor”


“You don’t put Monocle on your peg-leg coffee table to impress—you actually read it. And your bookcase, meticulously arranged (by theme, not by color—how preposterous!) is sparingly interspersed with curios of the magnifying-glass and agate-bookend variety. If you were ever to get a tattoo, it would be Dieter Rams–themed, reading “less but better,” and when it comes to seating, you’re on a strictly last-name basis: Wagner, Eames, Bertoia, and Saarinen.”
In the clique: Cliff Fong
Your new best friends: One-of-a-kind ceramics—for the bookcase.


Jennifer is “The Prom Queen”

“When “matching” came back in, you threw a party—cocktail attire required, of course. You revel in a sense of occasion, and never met a dog statue or chandelier (be it Sputnik or crystal) that you didn’t like. Still, you’ve got a few new decorating tricks up your sleeve: these days, you’re mixing brighter ’80s-inspired colors with those pastel hues and experimenting with black-and-white dazzle camo to make that tufted headboard look especially fresh.”
In the clique: Celerie Kemble
Your new best friend: Less-done animal prints (as in dalmatian).


Michelle is “The Hippie”

“Philosophically you lean minimal, because, you know, mo’ stuff mo’ problems, but you just can’t help collecting things: dreamcatchers, hand-knit afghans, kitschy artwork, and succulents by the cartload. Your taste in textiles runs organic in shape and texture: yes to seagrass and jute area rugs, warm wood tones, and nature-inspired floral prints. You call it ‘rustic West Coast garage sale.’ We call it inspired.”
In the clique: You don’t believe in cliques.
Your new best friend: Woven wall hangings.

Our results were fairly accurate. Want to know your spring style? Head over to Lonny to find out.